Friday, August 5, 2011

Questions from Ph.D Entrance held at Jamia Millia Islamia

Some of the questions from Ph.D Entrance held at Jamia Millia Islamia on 23-July-2011

First section was based on Questions from the passage- Olmstead’s Central Park Design, New York.

(1) In which year Madam Curie got Nobel prize in Physics?

(2) UGC was founded in the year?

(3) Temperature of body is controlled by which organ? (Brain/Kidney/Heart/Adrenal)

(4) Deficiency of lipids leads to which disease?

(5) On 21st June sun is overhead to ………………………….. ?

(6) First Indian satellite launched from foreign soil ?

(7) The moon mission spending longest time in space?

(8) Speed of light was first measured by (name of scientist)?

(9) Which is the recent blood transfusion technique?

(10)Electromagnetic wave is reflected by which layer of atmosphere?

(11)The slogan” Each one , teach one”- is given by?

(12)In the sentence- What next? Here ‘next’ is which part of speech?

(13)In the sentence- She is sitting next to him. Here ‘next’ is which part of speech?

(14)Synonym of Clandestine? (Ans- Secret)

(15)Antonym of Dexterous?

(16)We should confirm…….rule.(to/with/of/at)

(17)This is supplement …………… the book. (of/to/for/at)

Apart from these there were 10 questions based on teaching aptitude. Those were very basic questions and usually asked in UGC Net and repeatedly being asked in Jamia. In order to do these ten questions just go through previous years solved papers and model papers from UPKAR publication.

The most important quality of agood teacher is

(A) Sound knowledge of subject matter

(B) Good communication skills

(C) Concern for students’ welfare

(D) Effective leadership qualities

One of the essential characteristics of research is

An investigator studied the census data for a given area and prepared a write up based on them Such a write-up is called:
Research paper
Research report

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